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Fawn Baker is a tattoo artist and painter in Columbus Ohio who is a talented artist both on skin and on canvas who began tattooing in 2008 and has quickly grown to become a leading female tattoo artist. Her fluent and painterly approach to her art gives it a one of a kind, colorful flowing look to her tattoos and paintings. 


Fawn’s appreciation for nature shows in her work as she freehands incredible scenery and turns them into colorful destinations on her clients. Although Fawn is very versatile in many styles of tattooing both color and black and gray, realism to fantasy, Fawn focuses on a lot of nature theme, wildlife and other worldly imagery. Fawn somewhat hikes on her clients skin, taking them on adventures that her mind imagines and her hands creates. 


Fawn is more than just an accomplished artist behind the needle, she is a former double tattoo studio owner, avid tattoo collector herself, accomplished painter, sister, musician, and is one of the hosts of The Tattoo Collecting Podcast.


Fawn’s ability to blend scenes and images together fluently and  flawlessly keeps her tattoo clients coming back for more. Much of Fawn’s work allowing her to flow and expand onto her artwork as her clients typically carry on their tattoo projects to cover the large sections of the body that her clients seek out constantly. Fawn’s dedicated clients and incredible tattoo projects are a testament of her talent and drive to make the best tattoos for her clients while also developing great relationships with them at the same time.   


- Durb Morrison


Tattoo Collecting 101

Tune in weekly to hear us talk about everything tattoo collecting related. Listen in as we talk about our own collections, as well as how to plan and prepare for your next tattoo, or your entire collection. 




Hi there! 

These days, in the tattoos I make,  I'm concentrating much more on the art and pushing my creative boundaries further. 

Due to a canstantly heavy work load,

I must be selective about the projects I take on.

I am only making tattoos that are large scale, full color, and custom projects.

I'm looking to build more nature or science based scenery, visionary (psychedelic), bio-organic, or ornamental ideas.

I charge $1500 per day.

Please be prepared for 6+ hours (of actual tattoo time) for each session.

I require a $500 deposit, which will be held until the final session.

Once we commit to your project, please be prepared for monthly visits until it's complete. It's nice to keep momentum on projects, for me and my collectors.

If you are ready to discuss your ideas in person, please click the button below to apply.



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