I've been tattooing for over 11 years.

In that time, I've managed, and owned multiple tattoo studios, and traveled all over the country. These days, I'm concentrating much more on the art, and pushing my own creative boundaries. 

For the time being, I will be passing on most smaller scale tattoo ideas, and cover-ups.


For the next several months I will be focusing on large scale, full color, custom projects only.

I'm looking to build more nature based scenery, visionary (psychedelic), bio organic, or ornamental ideas in the new tattoos I am making.

I currently charge $200 hourly,

but for most large pieces, I prefer to charge flat session rates of

$1000 per day. (more specific pricing will be discussed at your consultation)

I require half of your quoted session as your deposit at the time of scheduling, and this will be held until the final session of your project.

Please have your deposit ready at our consultation.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas in person, please click the contact button below and fill out my form.